A warm Welcome from George Weller,  President of Hamwic Speakers.

Hamwic Speakers is the Toastmasters public speaking club for Southampton . The club was formed in 2009 and each year our club has achieved high levels of recognition within the Toastmasters system, the Distinguished Club Program as well as achieving 7th place on the Pathways Progress scoreboard for 2018/19. Our membership has grown over the recent years and we are recognised as being an outstanding club that helps people to build confidence and to achieve their goals. We have received awards

At Hamwic Speakers we use the Toastmasters tried and tested program of learning which has been perfected over 90 years and has helped many thousands of people. The international programme helps members, just like me, to gain the confidence and ability they need to speak with ease and without anxiety in the many different situations that public speaking throws at us from social occasions to work presentations all the way up to being professional speakers or trainers.

Many people who walk through the door of Hamwic Speakers are  initially very nervous but through the friendly and supportive atmosphere even the most nervous person can make progress and start to step outside of their comfort zone.  Hamwic has an active mentoring system particularly focussed on the newer members to help them find their feet and to set them on their way.

We would love you to come and see what we do, new members and developing people are the primary focus of the club, every one of us has been that slightly anxious person not knowing whether they should or should not visit and that is without exception. So if you are anxious about public speaking or you just want to improve and hone your skills I encourage you to come along to one of our regular meetings as our guest free of charge and see for yourself what Toastmasters’ and Hamwic Speakers can offer you. You can ask some of our members personally how they have benefitted from their Toastmasters experiences, there is always someone who will put you at ease and tell you how Toastmasters has helped them.

Follow the page links above which tell you when and where we meet.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that the decision to attend toastmasters has made a dramatically positive impact on my life. If you are thinking of visiting us, I look forward to seeing you soon and helping you start on your own personal Toastmasters journey.  I am certain it will make a huge difference to your life too.

George Weller
Club President 2018-19 & 2021-22