Toastmasters’ 5 Tips for Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Whether the goal is to get healthier, become a better person, or something a little more outside the box (like joining Hamwic speakers ūüėä), this is the time of year when many of us scramble to come up with New Year’s resolutions that we’re likely to forget about in a few weeks. To help make 2019 the year that your goals are met, Toastmasters International offers 5 tips that will help you to accomplish your resolutions for the new year.

  1. Make a list (and check it twice for “realism”).¬†¬†Writing your goals down makes them tangible. Checking back on your resolutions and goals often will help keep you on track to meet them.
  2. Start small.  Be realistic and honest with yourself. Start with a goal that is easy to achieve in a short time to gain a sense of accomplishment. Make the resolutions specific and time-bound.
  3. Set manageable goals. Although you might have several goals, refrain from creating a list that is too daunting or difficult to achieve.
  4. Hold yourself accountable.  Sharing your goals and experiences with family and friends will help keep you focused on meeting your objectives. Some people have also found that having an accountability partner helps them stay on track.
  5. Celebrate your successes. Your confidence will grow with each goal you achieve. Keep working on your list and stay positive.

“Establishing a list of objectives for the new year can be very helpful as it allows you to reflect on how you can improve yourself,” says Lark Doley, Toastmasters’ 2018-19 International President. “However, it’s not important that all your resolutions start in January. Perhaps start working on one or two at the beginning of the year, and others throughout the year. When you complete a resolution,¬†cross it off your list, and¬†celebrate the accomplishment.”

If improving your communication skills, reducing nerves when speaking or any other speaking skills are on your New years agenda, then please do get in touch with us as we would be delighted to help make it a reality.

In the meantime, from all us here at Hamwic speakers we wish you a very prosperous New year!



Hamwic speakers

Hamwic Speakers is a nonprofit public speaking club in Southampton, and it is run by a volunteer committee. Today many people are more comfortable communicating by email or phone, rather than face-to-face. Speaking to large or small groups, or even one to one, can be a nerve racking or stressful experience. At Hamwic Speakers, we create a friendly supportive environment where you can learn how to overcome these challenges and transform your public speaking into an enjoyable and successful experience.

Hamwic Speakers is affiliated to Toastmasters International and is part of District 91 (UK South). Toastmasters gives us access to a massive range of learning resources to help develop public speaking and leadership skills.

About Toastmasters International
Toastmasters International is a worldwide nonprofit educational organization that empowers individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. Headquartered in¬†Englewood, Colo.,¬†United States, the organization’s membership exceeds 357,000 in more than 16,600 clubs in 143 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators and leaders. For information about local Toastmasters clubs, please visit¬† Follow¬†@Toastmasters¬†on Twitter.

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