Are you intending to renew your membership?


Before everybody goes off for their summer breaks, holidays or whatever.

Please remember that due to Toastmasters International’s increase in members subscription fee’s Hamwic Speakers have been forced to increase our overall 6 month subscription to £75.00.  This is because we have to pay for your TMI subscription out of the club funds along with everything else we provide you with.

If you intend to renew your membership to Hamwic Speakers in September 2023 for another 6 months. However we have an opportunity to delay the price increase until next March because the TMI increase is not in force until  1st August.  Therefore if you pay for the next 6 months before the end of July we can renew you at the old price.

Its entirely your  choice. Pay  £61.00 to Hamwic before 31st July  or Pay £75.00 in September.  Once we get to the end of July it will be too late to get in at the old price so if you are intending to renew (and why on earth wouldn’t you?) get in early and save £14.00.   :0)

Hamwic Speakers Club Bank Account No.   72567482              Sort Code     404218
Before 31st July  = £61.00           After 31st July  = £75.00