Pathways is the online learning system operated by Toastmasters International.

It provides online tutorials, assessment questionnaires and a system for recording achievement on your Toastmasters journey. There are 11 differently themed Paths which provide you with learning which is tailored to your own needs and aspirations. The system starts with a simple questionnaire to determine what path you would like to take. You can choose from topics such as Presentation Mastery, Dynamic Leadership or Effective Coaching.

All the paths are based on structured delivery of prepared speeches and evaluation of them by fellow members within club meetings. Some paths will also develop skills such as preparing video, a podcast, or leading a panel discussion. There are many different skills developed in the paths, but they all start with carefully mentored delivery of prepared speeches.

Take a look at the resources below for more information or  visit  for more sample resources.

Ready to get started with Pathways?

If you've already enrolled in Pathways using the Basecamp learning manager, then you'll find our simple 'get started' guide useful. Its step by step screenshots will guide you through the process:

What's in Pathways?

This quickstart guide gives a rapid 2 page overview:

Pathways Quick Start Guide

Or for more detail on what's in each project:

Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog

If you are looking to develop specific areas of your skills here's info on the competencies each pathway focusses on:

Paths and Core Competencies

The path which is closest to the old Competent Communication Manual is 'Presentation Mastery'. However all of the paths are still based around speechmaking and any path will develop your speaking skills as well additional targetted skills such as leadership, team working or coaching and mentoring.

You might also be interested in taking a look at the Navigator handbook , a short printable guide which which introduces new members to how Toastmasters works. It gives a good shortform overview of the new shape of the Toastmasters formula. The descriptions of Pathways are on pages 9-12:

Looking for even more information on how to use Pathways?

The Pathways online learning environment can take a bit of getting used to. The London Public Speakers Club has prepared a set of videos and infographics for their members which we are happy to share:

Here's a video prepared by an Australian club which illustrates the process visually:

If you some more guidance on how Pathways works, please speak to our Club President or Vice President Education.

Latest resources:

Pathways Fast Start Guide:

Pathways Companion Guide:

Easyspeak Guide:

11 Different Pathway Choices