Whatever your goals in life may be, your success depends on your ability to communicate. Individuals who can express their ideas – so that they are heard, understood and acted upon – possess one of the primary qualities of leadership.

Join a Toastmasters Club and embark on a programme that will develop and improve your communication and leadership skills.

Over three million people world-wide have benefited from participating in Toastmasters. There are currently over 2000 members in 200 clubs in the UK & Ireland. You can gain these same benefits – benefits that will change your life.

As a Toastmaster, you will learn how to:

  • Overcome the initial nervousness everyone feels when called upon to speak before an audience

  • Organise and present your ideas logically and convincingly

  • Improve your ability to listen to other people‚Äôs ideas and evaluate them

  • Develop self-confidence that will radiate in every situation involving other people

Club members have a wealth of experience to offer each other, in addition to friendly support.

Toastmasters is a not-for-profit organisation. Membership costs about the same as a night school course.