Warm Up

The warm up is designed to get everyone speaking. The person in charge of warm up gives everyone the chance to speak for 15 seconds each with an easy topic.

What’s great about this role:

The person in charge of the warm up has the chance to be creative with their topic. With a smaller commitment than the Table Topicsmaster, Warm up is great a role for newer members.


  • Confirm whether there is a theme for the evening.
  • Get creative! Pick a topic that will be easy for attendees to speak on, and will give guests and newer members the chance to speak. Remember, the objective is to get people talking for about 15 seconds each.¬†For example, “what piece of technology would you not be able live without,” or “what do you look forward to on the weekend?”

At the meeting:

  • When introduced, briefly introduce the purpose of the warm up, your topic, and give an example.
  • Remind everyone that they can say “pass” if they do not wish to speak.


Having trouble picking a topic? You could try thinking about upcoming holidays, news events, or recent discussions you’ve had.

Remember, there are only several minutes allocated to the warm up so be sure to watch the Time Keeper. To avoid running over time, try to keep your introduction brief. If you start running out of time, you could ask for a few more volunteers before concluding the warm up.