The Toastmaster is the evening’s host.

What’s great about this role:

The Toastmaster is the one who runs the show by introducing and motivating program participants, informing the audience what’s next, and keeping the evening rolling!

As a more advanced role, performing as Toastmaster helps you develop skills for running meetings, and hosting events.


  • Review the agenda on the D71 site and if applicable, check with the Vice President of Education to confirm the evening’s theme.
  • Contact each speaker several days before the meeting to confirm their attendance, manual project, and speech title.
  • Prepare introductions for each speaker containing:
    • speech title,
    • manual project,
    • manual project’s objective.
  • Prepare remarks to bridge the gap in between each program segment. This will help you to avoid awkward silences!

During the meeting:

  • Check out this sample¬†Toastmaster’s Guide¬†for ideas of what to cover.
  • Project sincerity, decisiveness, and enthusiasm. You’re in charge!
  • Lead the applause.