Speech Evaluator

Each speaker is given verbal and written feedback at the meeting by a Speech Evaluator.

What’s great about this role:

As a Speech Evaluator, you have the opportunity to encourage and motivate your fellow toastmaster, and help them to become a better speaker!

This role is an excellent way to gain leadership skills, as well as gain experience speaking with only a short amount of time to prepare.


  • Contact the speaker ahead of time to confirm their speech title and project, and ask if they have any additional goals for the speech. This is important in case you don’t have time to catch them before the start of meeting!
  • Review the speech project’s objectives and the evaluation guide ahead of time, if possible.
  • Consider how you will take notes at the meeting. Please feel free to use these sample Speech Evaluator note taking forms:

At the meeting:

  • Ask for the speaker’s speech manual so you can write your evaluation.
  • When called upon for your verbal evaluation, give your feedback. You will have limited time, so it may be helpful to just focus on several points.
  • Write up your evaluation in the speaker’s speech manual.


See the Toastmasters International website for a free guide on evaluation.

More information on the why and how of evaluations:
Evaluate To Motivate presentation slides
Evaluate to Motivate presentation notes

Remember, the purpose of an evaluation is to encourage and motivate the speaker to keep improving. For many speakers, just getting up in front of the group is a big step!