Hamwic Buddy

The Hamwic Buddy welcomes guests and answers questions about Hamwic Speakers, and Toastmasters.

What’s great about this role:

You have the opportunity to meet new guests, and members and share your knowledge about Toastmasters, and Hamwic Speakers!

At the meeting:

  • Welcome guests and answer any questions about Hamwic Speakers and Toastmasters
  • Describe what will happen at the meeting and explain:
    • the agenda – the program for the evening
    • the ballot form – how to fill out the feedback slips (e.g. -positive and constructive comments on speech organisation, tone of voice, body language, general feelings from the speech, or simply words of encouragement like “well done”!)
    • participation – ensure they are aware that no one is obliged to speak but they will receive a warm reception if they do!
  • Provide the guest with the New Guest Guide.
  • Offer to sit with guests to explain the meeting as it happens.
  • Make sure the Toastmaster is aware of the guests’ names.


Remember to arrive between 6:45 and 7:00pm so you can be there when guests arrive!

Although not an ‘official’ leadership role, being a Hamwic Buddy still counts for Project 7 in your Competent Leadership manual, so don’t forget to get it signed off!