General Evaluator

At the end of the meeting, the General Evaluator gives feedback on everything at the meeting, with particular attention to evaluating the evaluations!

What’s great about this role:

The General Evaluator is responsible for the evaluation team including the Grammarian, Ah Counter, Time Keeper, Speech Evaluators and Table Topics Evaluator.

This role is great for developing your leadership, team management, and evaluation skills. You will be giving feedback on many different roles, so although not mandatory, it is highly recommended for members who have experience with the different roles themselves.


  • Consider how you will take notes at the meeting. Check out this sample General Evaluator note take form as an example.
  • Prepare an introduction about your role and the purpose of evaluation for guests and newer members.

At the meeting:

  • Provide encouragement to the evaluation team. If someone is performing their role for the first time, ensure they feel confident in what’s expected of them.
  • Watch and listen for everything that goes well, and anything that could be improved. For example, how was the atmosphere of the room? Did the meeting stay on time? Were there any distractions that could be avoided?
  • For each role, excluding speakers, make a note of examples of:
    • organisation
    • preparation
    • enthusiasm
    • motivation
    • time management
  • Make sure to pay particular attention to giving feedback to your Evaluation team (Grammarian, Ah Counter, Time Keeper, Speech Evaluators and Table Topics Evaluator). Your goal as General Evaluator is to help your fellow Toastmasters work on their evaluation skills, and highlight their successes!
  • Create two or three awards to give during your report. Award cards are available with the Best Speaker, Table Topics, and Evaluator cards. The purpose of these awards is to recognise achievements of members who might not otherwise be recognised.
  • When introduced, briefly describe your role, and the purpose of evaluation.
  • When you give your report, aim to give feedback to everyone on the program, except for speakers who have already been evaluated. Present your awards.


See the Toastmasters International website for a free guide on evaluation.

Remember, the purpose of an evaluation is to encourage and motivate the speaker to keep improving. For many speakers, just getting up in front of the group is a big step!