Hamwic Toastmaster of the Year – 2013

Dear Member

As toastmasters we like to celebrate our members’ achievements and progress in developing their public speaking skill.

At a recent meeting we announced that we would be reintroducing the annual Toastmaster of the Year award to a club member nominated by and voted for by other club members. This will take part as part of an awards ceremony at our Christmas meeting on Tuesday 10th December 2013.


Any club member can nominate a fellow toastmaster, who is a member in good standing (that is, has their subscriptions up-to-date) at the time of the award. A member cannot nominate themselves.

All club members can be nominated apart from the current President (Dan Harrison) and the Immediate Past President (Richard Blackman).


In your nomination you should provide a reason for the nomination, e.g. most improved over the course of the year, contribution to club life, achievements on the toastmasters’ leadership and communications track. It could, for example, also be for conquering fears!

The name of the person making the nomination will not be made public.

The three members with the most nominations will be put forward to a (secret ballot) vote by members at the club meeting on Tuesday 10th

If you would like to nominate a fellow member of Hamwic Speakers please use this form and get the nomination to us by Sunday 1st

Looking forward to receiving your nominations!

Do let me know if you need any further information.

Richard Blackman
Immediate Past President