Gia and Gillians top picks for the D91 conference

Are you interested in watching the soon-to-be released online videos for the D91 conference? Have a quick read of Gia and Gillian’s top picks to find out which tickle your fancy!

Below is list of workshop reviews by Gia Lili from Hamwic speakers

Gia Lili


The practical tips and strategies Pedro shares on how to overcome the fear of speaking were fun and easily implementable.

I highly recommend this session, especially if:
* You wish to increase your confidence in public speaking, or
* you are a new mentor who is supporting fellow club members with building their speaking confidence.


If you’re tired of playing small, or others not seeing your true worth, this session is definitely for you!

Reena’s engaging and energetic workshop will have you pulling out and polishing the hidden gems within you, so that you can shine in your life and career.
Prepare to be mind-blown, with pen and paper or note taking device in hand, as Reena takes you through some simple yet powerful self-exploration exercises to help you recognise and reveal your brilliance – and the potential pitfalls!


If you’re a speaker who wants to make an impact in the world and be paid for it, this session is a MUST!

Block out distractions and get ready to take plenty of notes! Shola generously shares her top tips and immediately implementable strategies to get you started on your path to paid speaking opportunities.


This fascinating session explored our mindset about change and uncertainty, and how to overcome our fears in the Toastmasters environment.
Listen out for key tips and phrases, which you can use as an evaluator or mentor to support the growth of your fellow speakers, so they can fulfil any role inside or outside of Toastmasters with confidence and ease.

Below are recommendations from Gillian Myers from Hamwic Speakers

Gillian Myers

I learnt an incredible amount at the D 91 conference, my top three speakers are:

David Henson: Top Tips for Tiptop Slide Presentations
If your PowerPoint presentations are currently a title followed by a list of bullet points, then you are out of touch and David Henson’s workshop is your top priority! He gives a whole new world to PowerPoint.

Helen Snape: Communicating with Confidence
If you still suffer from nerves when public speaking, Helen gives 3 incredible new tips to help overcome those nerves and feel confident when speaking.

Dennis Lam: Rocking Your LinkedIn Game
Great advice on how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile. Aimed for both beginners who have a very limited profile, and also self-employed professionals wishing to enhance their publicity and public profile.

Well.. we hope you now know which workshops you would like to visit.. if not all of them! Thank you to Gia and Gillian for your recommendations.

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