March 2023 Update:- Alternate Meetings

Club announcement:-

Hamwic Speakers are pleased to announce our very much requested and long awaited return to Face to Face in person only meetings with no Technology. We have until recently been running all meetings in person at the Atherley Bowling Club but also as online Hybrid meeting so members could attend online too. However it is complicated to run the hybrid setup and very few members are able to do it so the same people ended up tied to the technology in every meeting. Also several members were complaining that the technology does detract from the enjoyment of those who prefer the simple face to face no technology meetings. Just as Toastmaster meetings were held for many years until the Pandemic forced us online.
After some consideration we came to the conclusion that to we could accommodate both styles of meeting and improve the enjoyment of most members by using an alternate meeting pattern.

From March 2023 onwards until further notice all Hamwic Speaker Meetings will be held in Person at The Atherley Bowling Club every Tuesday evening at 7:15pm but alternate meetings will be Hybrid.
The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month will be Hybrid. This enables members and guests to attend online if they choose to. Online attendance is achieved via the platform. 
The 2nd and 4th Tuesdays are Face to Face only with no technology. These meetings can only be attended in person.

The meetings are to be run as a normal Toastmaster meeting structure. This enables all members and guests to attend in person or from home and experience the benefits of both types of meeting and the wonderful hospitality of Hamwic Speakers.

If you would like to visit, please contact us for a free invitation:- Visit as Guest

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Kind regards,
David Collins
President of Hamwic Speakers