Club speech contests huge success

Hamwic Speakers’ club speech contests on 24th September were a big success thanks to all of the contestants and everyone involved in judging, timing, counting, and organising! Speech contests are a great way to gain experience speaking in a different situation. All of our contestants did an incredible job controlling nerves and delivering first class speeches.


Congratulations to all of our Humorous and Table Topics Speech contest participants!

From left to right: Ken, Xan, Robin (2nd place – Humorous), Richard (1st place – Humorous), Rich (1st place – Table Topics), Anne, (2nd place – Table Topics), Margaret, Steve

Photo credit: Will (thanks, Will!)

Humorous Contest

Robin, Richard, Ken, and Xan kept us laughing during the Humorous Speech contest with speeches ranging from falling in love with a charity shop, to getting your just desserts with primary school puddings!

Table Topics Contest

The Table Topics contest had contestants Anne, Steve, Margaret, Xan, and Rich speaking off the cuff to describe the most ridiculous policy they would implement if they became the prime minster tomorrow. The contestants didn’t hear the topic until it was their turn to speak, and all did a fantastic job coming up with a speech on the spot.

A big thank you…

Of course, the speech contest couldn’t have happened without the help from our judges, timers, counters, and organisers. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!

Come cheer them on!

Robin and Anne will be competing in the Area contest on Saturday, 12th October. Make sure you book your spot and cheer them on!