The Hamwic Speakers Committee 2016-17

Hamwic Speakers is run by its members, led by an annually elected committee. This year the committee is made up of the following members.

"Barbara is a our club President. She helps to set the direction for the club in 2016-2017 and oversees the smooth running of the club throughout the year."

Barbara Saph President

"As VPE, Dean is responsible for planning successful club meetings which provide each member the opportunity to achieve his or her educational goals."

Dean Chamberlain Vice President of Education

"As VPM, Richard organises and implements an on-going marketing operation to achieve or maintain the Club's desired membership level. This involves enticing guests to join and encouraging existing members to stay."

Richard Blackman Vice President Membership

"As VPPR, Stuart develops, implements, and administers our club's public relations programme. He is responsible for communicating our club's achievements internally and externally via our newsletter, blog, social media, and press releases."

Stuart Shaw Vice President of Public Relations

"As Hamwic club secretary, David is responsible for administration and maintaining Club records."

David Gallagher Secretary

"As Hamwic Treasurer, Thomas is responsible for the Club's receipt and disbursal of money."

Thomas Cowles Treasurer

"As the Hamwic Sargeant at Arms, Mark manages the physical aspects of meetings."

Mark Newland Sergeant at Arms


Victoria Guilder Social Secretary

"As Deputy VPPR, Senan assists the VPPR with developing, implementing, and administering our club's public relations programme."

Senan Cahill Deputy VP Public Relations

"In his role as Immediate Past President, Diane provides guidance and serves as an experienced resource to the other Club officers and members."

Diane Chamberlain Immediate Past President


Ken Amy Deputy Vice President Membership

"As Social Media Coordinator, Lawrence is responsible for running Hamwic's facebook and twitter accounts and social media activities."

Lawrence Francis Social Media Coordinator


Natalie Desty New Guest Manager

"Rob's role is to encourage and assist members to work their way through the Leadership Programme."

Rob Dewing VP Leadership

"As Mentoring Coordinator, Olivia raises awareness and organises the club mentoring scheme."

Olivia Hoines Mentoring Co-ordinator

"As Hamwic Webmaster, Belfrit maintains the Hamwic website that you are reading right now."

Belfrit Victor Batlajery Webmaster