Pathways is the new learning system within Toastmasters International. It moves us away from a paper based system to one where resources are accessed online.

It completely rebuilds the resources available for learning and integrates the former Communication and Leadership tracks into one process within which there are many options. Take a look at the resources below for more information or visit  for more sample resources.

The quickstart guide gives a rapid 2 page overview:

Pathways Quick Start Guide

Or for more detail on what’s in each project:

Pathways Paths and Projects Catalog

If you are looking to develop specific areas of your skills here’s info on the competencies each pathway focusses on:

Paths and Core Competencies


You might also be interested in taking a look at the Navigator handbook , a short printable guide which will be given out to new members once Pathways has launched. It gives a good shortform overview of the new shape of the Toastmasters formula. The descriptions of Pathways are on pages 9-12:



We’ll be making presentations in Club meetings to give you more information about the new system and to help you to get started with it once the system has launched in the UK.