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Hamwic Speakers is a nonprofit public speaking club in Southampton, and it is run by a volunteer committee. Today many people are more comfortable communicating by email or phone, rather than face-to-face. Speaking to large or small groups, or even one to one, can be a nerve racking or stressful experience. At Hamwic Speakers, we create a friendly supportive environment where you can learn how to overcome these challenges and transform your public speaking into an enjoyable and successful experience.

Hamwic Speakers is affiliated to Toastmasters International and is part of District 91 (UK South). Toastmasters gives us access to a massive range of learning resources to help develop public speaking and leadership skills.

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Helping To Develop Your Speaking Skills

Whatever stage you are at in developing your public speaking and presentation skills, Hamwic Speakers is a friendly and supportive group of beginner and experienced speakers that meets twice a month to develop our public speaking skills. We have a very diverse range of members of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Apart from developing your speaking and leadership skills, it’s a great way of meeting a wide range of new friends. Come along free of charge as a visitor to find out for yourself.

Develop Your Leadership Skills Too

As a member of the Southampton branch of Toastmasters, you can learn how to successfully formulate, express and sell your ideas and yourself and reduce the nervousness you feel when you speak. You’ll also improve your ability to listen and evaluate other people’s ideas. As well as developing speaking skills, there’s a whole set of structured leadership development opportunities too. Although most members join just to improve their speaking skills, they soon find out that they learn a whole lot more than that.

Part Of A Larger Network Around The World

Established eight years ago, we are affiliated to Toastmasters International – a worldwide, nonprofit organisation of budding public speakers just like you. This gives us access to Toastmasters’ resources, enabling us to offer powerful public speaking training to Southampton and South Hampshire based on proven Toastmasters techniques. We truly believe that there is no better form of public speaking training in Southampton and we would love for you to come and join us. Use the form below to book a free guest visit.

About Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International has more than 350 000 members in more than 15 000 clubs across 142 countries. Founded in 1924, Toastmasters has helped people of all backgrounds become more confident in front of an audience.

Members of Hamwic Speakers benefit from learning material available from Toastmasters, and can visit other Toastmasters Clubs anywhere in the UK or worldwide or participate in regional competitions.

Toastmasters is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through its worldwide network of clubs.

Hamwic Speakers works with other local sister clubs in the South of England conference and speaking contests. Find out more in this fascinating behind the scenes film of the contestants' preparations:

Resources For New & Current Members

What Happens At Hamwic Meetings

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Meetings are held on 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesdays of every month at Richard Taunton’s College, Southampton, SO15 5RL Room 105 at 7:15pm

From the front door of Tauntons College, just follow the trail of Hamwic Speakers signs across the courtyard and down the corridor.

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From nervous to confident! A Member’s Story

My name is Mark, I joined Hamwic Speakers in May 2015. The past 2 years with Hamwic Speakers has changed my life giving me the confidence and practise to improve my speaking and presentation skills.  Before joining Toastmasters, I was often required to present publicly with my work and interests but struggled with the mechanics […]

A Flying Start for Air Ambulance Presenters

Several members of Hamwic Speakers are enthusiastic supporters of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, so when the locally based charity approached us to help develop the skills of their volunteer presenters, we jumped at the chance. It’s an interesting assignment which lends itself well to applying Toastmasters evaluation techniques. The Air Ambulance […]

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"There are three things I particularly like about TM:

1) The rate of improvement I see in people. It's amazing to see how fast they progress, and enjoyable to watch. It's also nice to feel I'm making progress myself.

2) The friendliness. Hamwic is a very warm, welcoming club, where I've always been made to feel at home.

3) The positive atmosphere. In feedback from other members, and particularly evaluations, people always find good things to say about my speeches, no matter how little I give them to work with."

"TOASTMASTERS IS THE BEST THING EVER! It has changed me and my life and I tell anyone who will listen how great it is 😀 This has mostly been because of all of you and I can’t express enough how much I love you all and I’m so proud of the great things and magic that happens at Hamwic Speakers during each and every meeting! Facing and overcoming fear, developing confidence, and improving oneself is such an honourable thing to do as part of a supportive group. I am leaving Hamwic Speakers which is very very sad for me. I wanted to say cheerio in person during a meeting, but it’s not going to be possible. So I’m sending you this message and the hugest of THANK YOU’s to you all. This message just doesn’t cut it to express how grateful I am, but it will have to do for now."


"I joined Hamwic Speakers because I wanted to improve my public speaking skills and succeed at job interviews. Attending Hamwic Speakers has improved my public speaking and communication skills in general and has helped me get a new job. I was able to appear more confident and cope with presentations at interviews, which in the past has held me back."
"Hamwic Speakers has helped me to communicate more effectively. It's an excellent place to achieve your public speaking goals."
"Over the last two years my public speaking ability and confidence have improved dramatically due to the skills acquired as a result of my membership at Hamwic. I am now proud to say, that when my father passed away in February 2011, I was able to speak eloquently about him in front of over 500 people. Thank you Hamwic Speakers for making that tribute to my father possible. Two years ago I would not have had the courage to do that."
“Four months ago, I joined Toastmasters, after almost a year of scraping together enough courage to do so. And now, the change in my life is nothing short of miraculous. Life has become so much more - more to experience, more to live for, more fun. My personal and career goals have shifted, too.”
"Ever since I can remember, I have avoided public speaking like the plague. In secondary school I would call in sick if I was asked to present, in Law School I hid in the back of the class and pretended I was not there and during my career as a lawyer, I always had an excuse handy if I was asked to present to a group. Needless to say, my career aspirations were limited by my lack of confidence. In 2009, when my promotional objectives at work included presenting to the Board, I realised that I needed to do something about it, so I joined Hamwic Speakers."
"Hamwic Speakers has helped me to gain lots of passion. It's helped my speech and built my confidence. I would recommend Hamwic Speakers because it is fun and always has lots of humour."
"I'd heard a few people enthusing about how much they had gained from belonging to Toastmasters elsewhere, so when I heard that there was a new club in Southampton I went along to have a look. I was immediately struck by the friendly and supportive atmosphere, with everybody sharing the same goals: to improve their speaking and listening skills. What I hadn't expected to find was how enjoyable it was, and the mix of prepared and off the cuff speaking opportunities really gets the energy level up! I'd recommend anyone who wants to improve their confidence to come along and have a look"

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